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  Sylva Alana Smyth-Timinskis art has a lineal effect of cloisonné on paper. A time honored tradition updated and revitalized, from the faintest pastels to the boldest primary colors being painstakingly encapsulated, giving a new dimension to watercolor not found in any other watercolorist style today.

  A partial collectors list of Sylva’s work includes: Queen Elizabeth II, Head Inc., Marriot Hotels, Orsini’s, and Princess Cruise Line. Sylva has completed over 1,000 original works and is truly an international artist. She very much enjoys commissioned work, and is particularly accomplished in producing watercolor pieces for corporations, homes, hotel lobbies and suites.

  Having achieved most of her goals in Florida, and realizing a newly-found and deep-seated desire for Alaska’s magic, Sylva found her way to the last frontier. Her desire to stay and document the flora and fauna of the last great state was intensified by the pure challenges found in the myriad of Alaskan color and design. Sylva and her husband Billy are quite comfortable ensconced amid the celebrated beauty of Hatcher Pass, Willow, Alaska, but now have moved to Georgia to get the hell out of all this damn snow! Ha! Were outa here.

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 To request artwork, or commission work, please contact or call 907-495-6716